Wiking 7312 Ropa euro-Maus4 1/32

Wiking 7312 Ropa euro-Maus4 1/32

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Beet mouse” harvester like an octopus on wheels

For cutting and loading beets at harvest time

The EuroMaus4 in 1:32 has around two dozen articulated joints which will fascinate collectors with their range of movement. On the WIKING model, the cleaning arms at the front can be lowered from their position while driving to their working width. While cleaning is in operation, the beets are transported underneath the cabin via a conveyor belt which can be extended at the rear for loading onto a truck.

Cabin packed with features can be extended just like the original vehicle

So imposing: the counterweight arm of the EuroMaus4 which is no less than nine metres long on the original vehicle is on the opposite side to the conveyor belt and also gives the model total stability. Naturally, WIKING has also reproduced the two-way steerable axles to give the smallest possible turning circle along with the movable covers for the drive units. And then there is the cab: the high-spec cab which can be adjusted to a height of 5.1 metres on the original vehicle to give the driver the best possible view of his surroundings can also be extended using the same function on the WIKING model, again emphasising the practical functionality of the EuroMaus4. It goes without saying that you can lower the ladders on the WIKING model and open the cab door – collectors’ eyes will immediately be drawn to the miniature control set-up used by the driver of the machine. All the operating controls can be seen, including the two joysticks and the colour display.

Attention: Not suitable for children under 14 Years! Risk of chocking as small parts could be swallowed or inhaled!

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